play to amplify


play components

Implement deliberate activity of play. Start with space, time, interaction and patterns.

game elements

Add elements of games in services and products, more than leaderboard, points and badges.

creative methods

Combine play with problem-solving creative methods like TRIZ, 5Ws, KJ, SIL, USIT.

survey polls

some questions – what do you think about it

Playful examples? Check my blog.


connection of work and play
How much play is in your work?
  • accountant, assemblyline-worker, cashier

    almost no room for self-determined play, the more structured, the less play, more rules but it´s no game, it´s deadly serious

  • Craftsman, Engineer, Manager

    playing may be a part of the work, but not much to be regardet serious

  • Architect, Designer, Politician

    to create, playing becomes more essential

  • artist, author, musician

    work is play, some of these jobs are by definition close to playing


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attract and retain employees
playful environment, have fun & work the same time
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invention innovation

create services and products
find new approaches to old problems
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make use of your data and look for treasures
adventure to discover the knowledge of your data
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enjoy work
can’t wait for mondays

Poor examples? Play strictly forbidden! Just Check my blog.

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